Bush To Arab World Drop Dead

Bush to Arab world: Drop dead. Driven by right-wing ideologues and his own zeal, President Bush has taken Ariel Sharon’s side in the Middle East even while plotting a war with Iraq. Foreign policy experts say that’s a dangerous combination. [Salon.com]

BBC Some Critics Have Been Less Than Impressed With Googles N

BBC: “Some critics have been less than impressed with Google’s news service.”
NY Times: “Google’s automated editors appeared to match the work of human competitors.”[Scripting News]

NewsCom At The Center Of The Patent Storm QampA With Danny Weitzner

News.Com: At the center of the patent storm. Q&A with Danny Weitzner, W3C. The critical concern that has led us to push so hard for a royalty-free policy is that for all the different Web software implementers it would be terribly hard to negotiate with the parent holders. They don’t have their own patent portfolios or intellectual property lawyers. [Tomalak’s Realm]


Scoble Im Just Not That Excited By Much That Microsoft Is Doin

Scoble: “I’m just not that excited by much that Microsoft is doing.” [Scripting News]
And other comments about microsofts MVP community work.

UN Urges Peace In Ivory Coast A UN Special Represent

UN urges peace in Ivory Coast. A UN special representative calls for a peaceful end to Ivory Coast’s five-day unrest¸ as US troops head to there to rescue trapped American children. [BBC News | WORLD]

Israel Rejects Biased Resolution Israel Dismi

Israel rejects ‘biased’ resolution. Israel dismisses a UN Security Council vote calling for an end to the Ramallah siege¸ hours after nine Palestinians died in raids on Gaza. [BBC News | WORLD]