Arab Israeli Stripped Of Citizenship Israel For

Arab Israeli stripped of citizenship. Israel for the first time revokes the citizenship of an Arab accused of helping Palestinian militants carry out suicide attacks. [BBC News | WORLD]

Was Hitler Human John Cusack

Was Hitler human?. John Cusack talks about his new movie, “Max,” which is sparking a firestorm even before its opening. []

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In Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil,’ Why Iraq Stands Out. The Bush administration is apprehensive about Saddam Hussein’s foreign policy ambitions and has low regard for Iraq’s military. By Michael R. Gordon. [New York Times: Politics]

Arafat Suffers Double Rebuff A Speech By The Pa

Arafat suffers double rebuff. A speech by the Palestinian leader condemning attacks on civilians and setting conditions for elections fails to convince either the Israelis or Hamas. [BBC News | WORLD]

UN Warns Of Iraq Consequences Kofi Annan Tells Wor

UN warns of Iraq consequences. Kofi Annan tells world leaders to weigh military action against Iraq carefully because of the impact it could have on the region. [BBC News | WORLD]

PC Makers Take Slow Road T

PC makers take slow road to XP update. The release of a first service pack is typically a watershed event for a new version of Windows, but PC makers are taking their own sweet time to add this update to new machines. [CNET]

Two Things:

1. “A number of factors apparently affected PC makers’ slow approach to the service pack. Many manufacturers have reported a dramatic decline in technical support calls with Windows XP compared with older versions of the operating system.”

2. They don’t talk about the fix that were made to eliminate crash found because of the semi-automatic Error Reporting feature. There are a whole lot of crashs that just go away.


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Balancing Linux and Microsoft. The case of Bruce Perens, who until recently was a strategist for Linux software at Hewlett-Packard, illustrates the balance that companies must achieve as they promote Linux but continue doing business with Microsoft. By Steve Lohr. [New York Times: Technology]