HP Dumps Evo Notebook For Tab

HP dumps Evo notebook for tablet PC. The company plans to swap its Evo N200 lightweight notebook for its upcoming tablet PC for business. Will customers bite? [CNET News.com]

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Bush to Outline Doctrine of Striking Foes First. Today, the Bush administration will publish a comprehensive explanation for shifting military strategy toward pre-emptive action against hostile states and terrorist groups. By David E. Sanger. [New York Times: Politics]

Experts Say White House Protocol Upgrade Advice Is Serious Cos

Experts say White House protocol upgrade advice is serious. Cost and red tape get in the way [The Register]

Ellison Resigns From Apple Bo

Ellison resigns from Apple board. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is stepping down from Apple Computer’s board of directors, saying he no longer has the time to devote to the company. [CNET News.com]

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Gates and Ballmer Get Pay Raise. SEATTLE (AP) — Microsoft Corp.’s top two executives received 13 percent raises in the past year, with chairman Bill Gates and chief executive Steve Ballmer each earning $753,310 in salary and bonuses, the company disclosed Thursday. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: Technology]