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Second Ruling Against U.S. Death Penalty. A federal judge in Vermont has ruled that the federal death penalty law denies defendents the right to due process. By Pam Belluck. [New York Times: Politics]

Palestinians Will Not Surrender To Israel Pal

Palestinians ‘will not surrender’ to Israel. Palestinian intelligence chief Tawfiq Tirawi says he and other men besieged in Yasser Arafat’s HQ will fight to the death rather than surrender. [BBC News | WORLD]

Ukraine Faces Iraq Radar Sales Claim Ukraine Comes

Ukraine faces ‘Iraq radar sales’ claim. Ukraine comes under increasing pressure to explain allegations it broke UN sanctions on Iraq by supplying sophisticated radar equipment. [BBC News | WORLD]

Bush Doctrine Makes Waves

Bush doctrine makes waves overseas. International reaction to new policy of preemptive strikes casts a suspicious eye on “imperialist” designs. [Salon.com]

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Number of People Living in Poverty Increases in U.S.. The proportion of Americans living in poverty rose significantly last year, increasing for the first time in eight years, the Census Bureau reported. By Robert Pear. [New York Times: Politics]