Getting the ical/ics feed from a King County Library

I’ve been working on being an event calendar curator ala Jon Udell’s system and was stuck getting a good calendar feed from the King Country Library System for my local Snoqualmie library. As in most projects, you start with some HTML page of calendar entries. In this case a search for Snoqualmie Library leads to this URL:

Which is missing the ICS feed. So the next step in the process is to try fusecal, which had done the trick many times before. However this time the page formatting was preventing fusecal from having useful event titles.

Today I came back and looked at the problem afresh. My first thought was that I could have something scrape the VCS links on the page and build a ical, but I really didn’t want to own any automation on my own servers (and I wasn’t ready yet to write a service on something like azure). So I poked into the link to the software maker of this calandar: Evanced. Fortunately there I discovered that some ical feature had been added to an eventsxml.asp. Putting that on the KCLS url I got:

Yay, I can see one event in XML. This is progress. Some sample code for client side rendering of eventsxml.asp gave me a couple parameters to try:

The next step was to filter to my specific library. Back on the HTML page there was one url parameter that seemed to be relevant; that ln=36. On the eventsxml.asp the same parameter doesn’t work, but lib=all was a tempting place to put my magic number “36:

Bingo! Now I’ve got a nice xml feed for local library. However I need ics. and trying dm=ics didn’t work. Remember back to the feature list calling it ical, I tried

Which along with the North Bend, Carnation, Fall City and Duvall is now in my delicious events curator list for Snoqualmie valley.


Random Ideas/Concepts

  • AIG’s latest problems has triggered some discussion of the economic D word.
  • The savings rate in January has gone up quite a bit (6%?)
  • More then 50% of hospitals are operating at a loss with the increase of people without insurance as they lose their jobs and the hospitals “safe” investment take losses.
  • Dow hits 6700
  • Take aways from Gene Robinson talk on Speaker’s Forum
    • argues the translation of passages regarding homosexuality is lacking understand of the cultures in which the bible was written.
    • Example, spilling seed in the light of the belief that all genetics are in men and women are only wombs.
    • There has been reinterpretation of many of the other passages regarding regarding sexuality, slavery and marriage
    • What’s an –ism? it’s set of prejudices, values and judgments backed by the power to enforce those prejudices in society. Which leads to a structure in society where one group to benefit at the expense of another group. Someone in the first group doesn’t have to believe or act on the prejudices or values to still benefit from that structure in society.
    • At this point the main problem in US Society is Hetrosexism and the strong negative religious interpretation of homosexuality.

Sunday with the Girl

On Sunday, I spent a good part of the day with my baby daughter Caitlyn. She is well into the cold/flu that I’m just getting over. Most of the day we were just riding around in the back seat of my brother’s car. It was a blast. She would smile and coo in-between me cleaning up her face. Then I would offer her a bottle which she would attack and attempt to hold with extreme focus. At Lunch she was the bottomless pit as she would munch at every bit of rice and beans. Later while helping my brother unpack she would climb all over the empty small boxes, leading to the label, “All Terrain Baby”.

Saturday "ride"

Thursday roles around and I was left with a decision. Ride a 14-15 mph pace ride with the people I’m doing the STP with, do the Cascade ride, do both or do the 107 mi, 5500 ft of climbing RAMROD training series ride? Am I even vaguely fit enough to do the RAMROD training series ride? Last time I tried it, the ride went to North Bend, was 69 mi with 3,400 feet of elevation gain, and I failed. I fell further and further behind until I had to walk the SE 164th St hill from Uplands Way SE. I always caught up with the group at the rest stop, but I never let myself recover, choosing instead  to try to stay up with the group. I made the same mistake one last time after the lunch stop in order to ride with a group that planned on going slow. As it turned out, they wanted to catch up with someone, so they took off at a pace my exhausted legs couldn’t begin to replicate and after falling slightly off the group the headwind finished me off. Demotivated, alone and feeling sick, I turned off the route in the last 15 miles skipping the Fall City-Issaquah road climb up to the Sammamish plateau in order to climb Snoqualmie Parkway to crawl up and die at home. Since then, I’ve done a number of CTS rides and have always been comfortable with the blue group’s pace, distance and elevation gain. The most I’ve done this season was the 80 mi ride to Black Diamond and that was no where near the hills of a RAMROD training series ride. In the end the decision was made when Per asked me at dinner on Thursday night if I was coming. What the hell, I’m stronger now and it sounded like Per hasn’t ridden that distance yet this season. Two weeks ago on Saturday the rain took out both the CTS ride and his training series ride.

7:30 AM Saturday and my legs are cold. I’m at the top of Lakemont Blvd getting ready to do this. There is a lady that I’ve seen many times at the CTS ride and I had told her about the Tuesday/Thursday rides and now through that she has decided to come to this one. I don’t think she’s expecting the amount of hills ahead, but last week she did ride the flying wheels century ride and the bonus 60 miles CTS ride the next day. The fact that we are at the top of a hill that at the end of this 100+ mile ride I’m going to have to climb back up is not lost on me. Coming down off of Lakemont using 164th I quickly fall to the back of the pack, since I’m overly cautious coming down hills that have curves. Riding down hill on Newport Ave I seem to fall further behind. What’s going on with my legs? Thursday my legs were tight and only after a bunch of riding did they stop feeling weird, but even then I still felt off. Here I was going steady downhill and was already slow. It wasn’t the stiffness of Thursday, it was just a pure lack of strength. I start to consol myself that it must be a headwind until I pass the hangliding landing field on Issaquah Hobart Rd and the wind sock is lying dead flat. Maybe it’s strapped down right now? Maybe the slight climb is doing it? Maybe my legs are cold? The excuses tumble out. The lady from the CTS ride is way ahead of me now but still visible, I’m riding with another lady in a white wind jacket. She keeps doing out of saddle work to maintain her speed. Perhaps it’s not just me. We take a left on to Tiger Mountain Rd from the north side, the steeper side. On a previous CTS ride I had skipped coming up Tiger Mountain from the south side when I thought that the group had left already, it turned out to be the “fast” group leaving early.

I manage to catch up to Per and about half the pack on the turn to SE 200th St, but as I climb the hill next to the golf course we once had a moral event on, I get a nasty cramp in the back right part of my right knee. I stop at the intersection and give up on staying with the group in order to message the muscles, have some electrolyte gel and some water. I catch up again to the group in Ravensdale at the rest stop. Per gives me the rest of his gallon of water and I get a quick stop in the bathroom. The next miles are uneventful, I stay in a nice pace of small climbs and rollers doing the group pace. We climb our the Green river Gorge area on Enumclaw-Franklin Rd, but turn onto a small side road, SE 384th before getting to 169. In front of me is a wall. I hear per saying something about this being the worse between two special “rollers” on the ride. This is not a roller, this is a long straight shot up. I already see some people towards the top walking their bikes. Muttering to myself “Per, What did I do to you?” I take it on. There is one thing I know for sure, there is no restarting on this hill. If I stop, I’ll have to walk. Per amazingly enough stops and restarts. At the top I catch my breath and then get moving to not lose the group.

Finally I make it to Enumclaw for lunch and I’m getting pretty sore. The group’s about half the mileage and about 2/5’s the climbing.  Once again the group is leaving and I’ve just taken the last bite of the tuna sandwich I bought from Safeway. I think about the possibility that I’ll need to call Pamela to bail as we start out.

In my usual pattern I’ve fallen way behind the group coming down 218th Ave SE to Green Valley. I pass a number of people as we slowly climb out of Green Valley passing Flaming Geyser State Park. This climb I take slow enough that my heart rate doesn’t go over 180 too often. At the top, some 50+ motorcycles roar by. Cheaters. I lose the group at Black Diamond bakery, but my head is acting up enough that I take an Excedrin. I head north along the route on Lake Sawyer to Witte’s Rd. along which is the next rest stop. Here I don’t really get a chance to rest, I just get some water, down another electrolyte gel and move on. We do Sweeny Rd which turns into 196th Ave SE. It’s much more pleasant to climb it from this side then from the north end. Per is providing the few of us who hasn’t flown off with a good pace on the climbs. Jones rd goes by without much issue, but I know I have to climb the other wall of maple valley soon.

The other fun “roller” was on 160th Ave SE. It’s a tougher grade, but it is very short. We fly though may valley and I’m getting really weak and headachy. We do some climbing and extra miles next to coal creek pkwy before rolling into Lake Boren Park. Finally I sit down and just rest. The sun is out and I actually start to believe that I’ll finish the route. We hop down to Lake Washington Blvd and then climb back over the ridge to Coal Creek again before we hit Newport Way. I know the rest of the route at this point. It’s a straight shot (up) to 164th and I’m not looking forward to the final climb. Even worse I’m starting to fall behind the small pack again. Ironically I catch them on the hill. The road straighten’s out and I say to myself “False Top”, however I forgot that the rest of the climbing was nothing compared to the first section. Mercifully I quickly reach Lewis Creek Park and relax. That was a hard ride.

Of course the real question is, Can I do the next one in the series?

A weekend of riding

With STP coming up and my intention to ride it two days with a friend and some of his coworkers, I felt that I really needed to do at least one two-day ride before the actual event. This weekend was cascade’s dedicated chance to do just that with Flying Wheels one day and a “lighter” CTS ride the next.

I did the 70 mile route on flying wheels and eventually caught up with some of the folks that I ride with on Per’s Tuesday and Thursday Night rides from Marymoor. The hills hit me hard that day, perhaps because of the Thursday night ride? Either way it was a pleasant day and I had a very tasty pastrami on a garlic bagel sandwich afterwards :). The next day I braved possible rain to do the CTS ride. While parts of it were at 16 mph because of a nasty headwind whenever we headed south, the overall ride was at the level or above of a normal CTS blue ride. Our group even added two bonus hills in Magnolia. The best part was flying north up airport road. I made up my mind late to try to join the fast group and ended up not catching them in spite of a 25-26 mph pace for a couple miles. I gained for a while but eventually just fell further behind. I caught up to two women, of whom I tried to keep on my tail but fell off, and the later who did stay with me, but my pace had fallen to 22-23 mph at that point. I found that for a good number of the hills I tried to keep up with the top of the group. I even had a shout up from lady behind me “oh Ari! Don’t use you grannie gear on this hill!” which quickly shamed me in to switching back up one in the front. I’m actually at the point now where for many hills I don’t need the grannie gear and also for the first time on Sunday it felt that muscle soreness was a bigger factor then cardio condition (of course this was on the second day of riding). If my heart monitor is at all accurate then I burned some 9000 calories in biking this weekend (meaning that I have some series cardio training left ahead of me).

That afternoon I attended a very pleasant housewarming at Tim’s place. Pamela and I got alot of playing time with Simeon there. Also after a month or two of holding the same movies from netflix, Pam and I finally watched them and we are returning it. If we do that again then netflix may not be the service for us. Oh, I did buy myself a father’s day gift, the HD-DVD version of BBC’s Planet Earth series. It is just plain awesome, too bad Simeon isn’t as fascinated as Pamela and I are.

7 Hills of Kirkland

Today I did the 7 11 Hills of Kirkland, which involves 4,600 ft of climbing over 58 miles. Since I got another broken spoke 25 miles into the Saturday CTS training series ride and had gotten new wheels to fix it the same day, this was a bit of a make up session. Aside from mileage I was glad to see that the climbing was close to what the RAMROD training series ride did this weekend. Previously I’ve never ridden Seminary Hill had not gone up Winery Hill, so it was nice to get some exposure to both of those forms of torture. Favorite Hill was Norway Hill, least favorite was Novelty Hill (long, busy street and I had to go to the bathroom bad). Second least favorite was Old Redmond Road Hill, where I was getting passed a bit. I’m still getting some thigh cramps at different points, but nothing near as bad as one of the last rides I did. One guy was on the ground and in pain at the bottom of Winery road from painful thighs. I had a twinge going up the steep part, but no real need for compensation till the last climb of education hill, and I did allot better then the previous RAMROD training series ride that I had to abort by climbing the Snoqualmie parkway hill.

Back in the rides

Last night I finally got back into the tues/thursday rides with Per’s Eastside Tours. While Thompson hill kicked my butt and caused me to drag a good chunk of the rest of the way, it was a fun ride. It’s always a great feeling to power the way back up East Lake Sammamish to finish up the ride. This time I was able to maintain a 20 mph pace following someone, but others who had been training longer were up to 24 mph. I have also been reasonable good at getting to the cascade training series rides too. While the CTS ride this weekend is one of my favorites heading down from Renton to the Tacoma Tidal Flats, I’m planning on the more challenging RAMROD training series ride. I might be up for a hike or shorter hide on Sunday, but I imagine that most people will be involved with family.

TV Last Night

Last night Pam and I were pretty tired, so we HAVE NOT watched the latest Battlestar Galatica episode yet. We did watch the Dresden Files new episode, The Boone Identity, and caught some of the Teasers for this week’s episode, it looks like it plays games with the Baltar as a Cylon angle (which is great) and the Starbuck/Apollo marriage issues (which is pure pain).

The Dresen Files is looking like it’s going to be a fun little series that I can watch and relax to. It has some backstory but it doesn’t look like the deep intertwined emotional mess Battlestar inflicts every week.

Live (on Video) Blogging the Vista Launch

  • Bill Gates takes stage
    • Reminds us of the GUI bet 12 years ago in Windows 95
    • Everything is focused on how to represent in a Digital format
    • What’s the new innovations?
      • Making it easier: search, flip3d, etc
      • Safer: anti-spyware, anti-phising, etc
      • Entertainment: DX10, Photo Gallery, DVD Maker, HiDef support
      • Better Connect: Diagnosing, RSS platform support, XML file formats
    • Platform Renovation
    • Installing
      • Upgrade Advisor
      • new system
  • Mike, corperate vice president demo
    • thanks familys and beta testers
    • Familly focused demo
    • Photos
      • Tagging in Photo gallery via drag and drop
      • Search via the tagging
      • One beta tester with 40K photos in the library
      • Basic adjustments
    • DVD Burning
      • Videos and pictures into a nice preview
    • Document editing
      • Live Previews of the entire format of the document changing
      • Add a photo and drag it to the size you want in the document, no guessing percents
      • Ribbon UI
      • Extra effects on photos in the document, shadows and the like
    • Games
      • Game Explorer
      • DX10
      • Using the Xbox360 controller
      • Cross-platform playing, EX: uno
    • Parental Controls
      • Time-Limits
      • Game ratings
      • IM sessions, Games played, Web sites went to/attempted to go to
    • Xbox360 media center extender
      • Cable Card support -> HiDef TV Recording
      • Media Center interface
      • Music explorer
      • picture explorer
    • Extras
      • DreamScene – Motion Video on the Desktop
  • WoW campaign Commercial
    • nice music… look up later
  • Steve Ballmer
    • Biggest Launch in software history and the broadest
    • Today/Tommorow fun across the globe
    • 19 Languages today, 99 by EOY
    • 39,000 retail outlets
    • thousands of OEMs
    • 1 million people in europe by EOY
    • 2 million in US
    • 2,500 certified software products
    • NY Times reader application
    • 5 Mil beta testers
    • Partners Video
    • Dell CEO Kevin ??
    • Intel Sean Melony(sp?)
    • Toshiba CEO and president of computer devision ??
    • AMD Chairman and CEO Hector Ruitz
    • HP ??
    • editorial comment: How much money is on that stage right now?
  •  Bill Gates
    • Thanks to the employees
    • Jim Allchin thank you from Bill
    • 5 Million People Downloaded Vista and Office 2007
    • Highest quality ever
    • Test Automation
    • Performance Testing
    • Watched 1 billion office beta sessions
    • What Famillies said about the product
      • 50 famillies in 7 countries
      • > contact
      • 800 changes
      • Lots of DVD burning feedback out of this program
      • “Microsoft listened to me”
    • One of the Famillies on the stage
    • Burn to Disc button in photo gallery was one of thier feedbacks
    • Got the first copy in the US.
    • Kids push the button, and Screens in Times Square Start going
  • Video of Launch events across the world.
  • Live Band starts playing
  • Caffiteria Ballons drops
  • Event is over at Microsoft

Weird Economics

Why does ticketmaster want to charge me $2.50 for an email I print out, and not charge me anything for sending me the tickets in the mail? That seems really backwards. I just bought tickets for Cosmology at the Frontier: Brian Greene and Stephen Hawing at McCaw Hall.