Storage Technology Clears Key

Storage technology clears key hurdle. A technology that promises to bridge the worlds of data storage and networking has passed a key point on its path to becoming a usable standard. [CNET]


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The Bully’s Pulpit. The Bush team’s pronouncements rely on doublethink, the ability to believe two contradictory things at the same time. By Paul Krugman. [New York Times: Opinion]

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How We Won the War. Recently, in an elaborate war game, the American fleet confidently steamed off to war in the Persian Gulf and promptly got creamed. By Nicholas D. Kristof. [New York Times: Opinion]

Math Beauty Truth Really

Math = beauty + truth / (really hard). Explaining what the winners of the world’s top awards in mathematics actually do isn’t as easy as adding 2+2. But we’ll give it a try. []

nbspA Couple Of DirectX 3D Demos Crammed Into 2 64kilobyte EXEs Thats Some

 A couple of DirectX 3D demos, crammed into 2 64-kilobyte .EXEs. That’s some impressive cramming. (via StronglyTyped) [TheFlangyNews News]

Mixing God And Politics Con

Mixing God and politics. Congress is voting on a bill to let religious leaders endorse candidates from the pulpit. The right can’t lose: If it fails, they’ll have a campaign issue to use against opponents in November. []