Steve Jobs Paris Keynote Is Available Online In Mpeg4 A H

Steve Job’s Paris keynote is available online in mpeg4. [Adam Curry: Adam Curry’s Weblog]
I also checked out this comparison report from gateway.
Intresting Stuff from the keynote:

  • Magnifying glass works well while video is playing
  • Sherlock channels + webservices (at minute 28)
    • Stocks with refresh
    • movie channels
    • picture search
    • They are using web services to build local computer application level user experiences of things normally internet only. 
  • Rendevous
    • itunes integration – peer to peer Streaming and metadata
    • network printers
    • Printer vendors signed on
    • phillips adopting (to do what?)
  • Address Book (shared across apps) (at  min ~45)
    • Actions + custom data
    • Bluetooth phone integration
  • ichat has a much better looking interface then existing apps ( at ~53 min)

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A Rebel in Japan Is Hailed as an Innovator in U.S.. An inventor’s lawsuit is challenging many of Japan’s basic assumptions about conformity in a culture where personal gain or greed is still considered distasteful. By John Markoff. [New York Times: Technology]

A Hrefhttpwwwnytimescom20020918internationalmiddleeast18INSPhtmlex1032926400ampen7b8afbae3bb8022bampei500

Verification Is Difficult at Best, Say Experts, and Maybe Impossible. Although United Nations inspectors say they may be prepared to resume their work within three weeks of a green light from the United Nations Security Council, verifying Iraq’s assertions that it has abandoned weapons of mass destruction, or finding evidence that it has not done so, may not be feasible, according to officials and former weapons inspectors. By Judith Miller. [New York Times: Politics]

A Hrefhttpwwwnytimescom20020918international18XTEAhtmlex1032926400ampen5ca4c5e5f571b98dampei5007amppartn

Inspectors: 63 Experts from 27 Countries. The United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission, better known by the acronym Unmovic, was created in December 1999. It inherited the mandate of the United Nations Special Commission, known as Unscom, which the Security Council inaugurated at the close of the Persian Gulf war in 1991 to disarm Iraq of chemical and biological weapons and missiles with a range of more than about 100 miles, and to ensure that Iraq not reacquire such weapons. By Daniel B. Schneider. [New York Times: Politics]

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How U.S. Punishes States With Higher Standards. One result of busing children from failing schools is federal government punishing states for having higher standards. By Richard Rothstein. [New York Times: Politics]

A Hrefhttpwwwnytimescom20020918national18CAMPhtmlex1033012800ampen2ce45b2b08876fe1ampei5007amppartnerUS

G.O.P. Wields Iraq as an Issue in Fall Races for the Senate. Republicans have gone on the offensive on Iraq and related national security topics in a handful of tight Senate races in recent days. By Alison Mitchell. [New York Times: Politics]

One of the more sick and perverting thing in politics is to question the patriotism of your opponent. It’s flat out stupid and a childish form of name calling. Anyone running for a major office has  ton of community service and work behind them and cares about the country, why would they bother with the job if they didn’t? This years new political issue, is to tie any weapons/military view not in lock step with the administration as anti-military and hence unpatriotic. The sad part is that Conservatives seem to eat this crap up.