Iran Vows To Honour Iraq Border Tehran Says It

Iran vows to honour Iraq border. Tehran says it will not ”engage in adventures” that violate Baghdad’s territory in the event of a US-led invasion. [BBC News | WORLD]

Putin Warns Of Selfdefence Strikes President Puti

Putin warns of ‘self-defence’ strikes. President Putin says Russia has the right to self-defence from militants crossing the border from Georgia¸ hinting at military strikes. [BBC News | WORLD]

Greek Gaming Law Defeated In

Greek gaming law defeated in court. A new Greek law banning the playing of electronic games is declared unconstitutional by a judge, and the charges against three people are dismissed. [CNET]

WinXP Help Center Request Wipes Your HD Its Either SP1 Or A B

Win-XP Help Center request wipes your HD. It’s either SP1 or a bit of tinkering for you [The Register]
This ain’t the only security fix in SP1. It’s a good idea to stay current.

Kashmir Minister Killed In Attack Suspected Mili

Kashmir minister killed in attack. Suspected militants shoot dead a senior politician in Indian administered Kashmir as he was campaigning for state elections¸ police say. [BBC News | WORLD]

Arafat Sets Date For Leadership Poll Palestinia

Arafat sets date for leadership poll. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat says presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on 20 January next year. [BBC News | WORLD]

German Police Raid Mosque Armed Police Officers Sear

German police raid mosque. Armed police officers search a mosque in Hamburg after a report that a man was inside preparing explosives for an attack. [BBC News | WORLD]