Profits From Piracy Ev

Profits from piracy. Evidence is mounting that cracking down on software copyright infringement may not be good for business. Case study: Microsoft in China. []

Why Some With HIV Are Healthier Researchers Have Solved Th

Why Some With HIV Are Healthier. Researchers have solved the 16-year-old mystery of why a small number of HIV patients remain healthy after contracting the virus. By Kristen Philipkoski. [Wired News]

NewsCom The New Copyspeak Gary Shapiro CEO Of The Consumer Electro

News.Com: The new “copyspeak”. Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association. In copyspeak, there is no such thing as fair use “rights,” rather fair use is only an affirmative defense to copyright infringement and therefore not a right. But various recognized “rights” may only be asserted as affirmative defenses in a lawsuit. [Tomalak’s Realm]


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Bush Moves to Ease Rift With Democrats Over Security. President Bush sounded somewhat conciliatory toward Democrats today, saying there would soon be unity on Iraq. By David Stout. [New York Times: Politics]

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Senate Panel Questions Bush’s Judicial Nominee. Miguel Estrada, a staunch conservative, defended his nomination to the federal appellate court today. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: Politics]

Microsoft Looks To Decipher Y

Microsoft looks to decipher your scribblings. The Tablet PC operating system matches people’s scrawls against the company’s own database of handwriting samples. But there is some debate as to whether to tailor it to the individual. [CNET]

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Showtime, Microsoft Style. Does the world really want Microsoft dictating multimedia formats to the Internet and entertainment industries? By Rob Fixmer. [New York Times: Technology]

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Bob Wallace, Software Pioneer, Dies at 53. Bob Wallace developed an early version of the Pascal programming language and helped to invent “shareware” software marketing. By John Markoff. [New York Times: Technology]

Hydrotopia Say Goodbye To Foss

Hydrotopia. Say goodbye to fossil fuels. Author and environmentalist Jeremy Rifkin explains why hydrogen is the next great power source. []