Im Playing With The DIY Web Services Tutorial Right NowHeres

I’m playing with the DIY Web Services Tutorial right now.
Here’s the trick to go soap instead of xmlrpc:
<% params = {“name”:”Dave”}; soap.rpc.client(“/radio”, “helloWorld”, @Params, “localhost”, 80) %>


France Resists US Pressure On Iraq French Presiden

France resists US pressure on Iraq. French President Chirac says he remains opposed to a proposed UN resolution on Iraq that threatens automatic military action. [BBC News | WORLD]

Milosevic Says Srebrenica Made Up Yugoslavias Ex

Milosevic says Srebrenica ‘made up’. Yugoslavia’s ex-leader claims the Srebrenica massacre was staged to make the Serbs look bad¸ as he opens his defence over Bosnia. [BBC News | WORLD]

Windows XP Version 2 Mooted For 2003 Interim Release Tap Might

Windows XP version 2 mooted for 2003?. Interim release tap might get turned on again [The Register]