Linux Worm Spreading Many Systems Vulnerable A Hrefhttp

Linux Worm Spreading, Many Systems Vulnerable [Slashdot]
sigh. Welcome to security.


Some GrownUps Go Silly For Buying Putty In Bulk

Some Grown-Ups Go Silly For Buying Putty in Bulk [Wall Street Journal]
“But, he warns, you have to be careful when you handle putty by the pound. Recently he dropped a 10-pound ball in his office, and it bounced. “It banged into a door and shook a few windows,” he says”

Key 11 September Suspect Arrested Ramzi Binalshi

Key 11 September suspect arrested. Ramzi Binalshibh¸ an alleged mastermind of the 11 September attacks¸ is arrested in Pakistan. [BBC News | WORLD]

UN Progresses On Iraq Resolution The Five Perma

UN progresses on Iraq resolution. The five permanent Security Council members agree action is needed to force Iraq to re-admit weapons inspectors¸ but set no deadline. [BBC News | WORLD]

Damned If We Do Damned If We DontA

Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Even in moderate Arab states like Egypt, anti-Americanism burns so hot that the U.S. can do no right. []

Kurdish Islamic Leader Held The Leader Of An Ir

Kurdish Islamic leader held. The leader of an Iraq-based Kurdish Islamic group suspected of having links with the al-Qaeda network is detained in the Netherlands. [BBC News | WORLD]