US Threat To Stop Iraq Inspections America Threate

US threat to stop Iraq inspections. America threatens to stop weapons inspectors returning to Iraq unless the UN adopts a new resolution. [BBC News | WORLD]

Israeli Troops Besiege Arafat HQ Israeli Tanks

Israeli troops besiege Arafat HQ. Israeli tanks enter Yasser Arafat’s Ramallah compound and demand the surrender of about 20 militants¸ hours after a Tel Aviv suicide bombing. [BBC News | WORLD]

MS Slammed For Antitrust Deal Violations In XP Win2k SPs Cant

MS slammed for antitrust deal violations in XP, Win2k SPs. Can’t even comply with a toothless deal, says ProComp [The Register]
Here is the Lobby’s Report. They are upset over complete crap with the exception of the lack of help text. There should be help text inside the help center for this stuff. Even Slashdot’s comments are claiming that ProComp is full of it.