Steve Jobs Paris Keynote Is Available Online In Mpeg4 A H

Steve Job’s Paris keynote is available online in mpeg4. [Adam Curry: Adam Curry’s Weblog]
I also checked out this comparison report from gateway.
Intresting Stuff from the keynote:

  • Magnifying glass works well while video is playing
  • Sherlock channels + webservices (at minute 28)
    • Stocks with refresh
    • movie channels
    • picture search
    • They are using web services to build local computer application level user experiences of things normally internet only. 
  • Rendevous
    • itunes integration – peer to peer Streaming and metadata
    • network printers
    • Printer vendors signed on
    • phillips adopting (to do what?)
  • Address Book (shared across apps) (at  min ~45)
    • Actions + custom data
    • Bluetooth phone integration
  • ichat has a much better looking interface then existing apps ( at ~53 min)

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