I picked up Shemmue II at the company store yesterday, and then headed down to the local game store at crossroads to see if Unreal Championship had shown up yet. It hadn’t, but will be there today. So there I was, xbox live was active and waiting for a fun game at home, with no shooter (wacked just doesn’t count, man). I knew MechAssault would be in the company store eventually, but I had needs now dammit! I tried to offset the burning desire with some used game cheap, I knew at that point that I wasn’t going to leave the store empty-handed. I took a brief look at the $15 Wild Arms 1 for the playstation, but eventually I gave up, put my credit card on the counter and told them to give me the mech. The damn thing taunted me the rest of the half an hour drive home. My first impressions of it is that the single player is fun, but I’m not so sure that the multiplayer is all that good. I think it might get better once I’ve done the single player more, and have gotten better. However tonight is Unreal Championship, and it should be a bloody good time 🙂


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