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Life With Microsoft Still Stifling for Rivals. Silicon Valley on Saturday largely took Microsoft’s victory in a federal antitrust case on Friday as a foregone conclusion. By John Markoff. [New York Times: Technology]
From what I can read, this is fear of Microsof itself, not fear of the OEM desktop monopoly on intel compatable processors.


Settlement Talk What Bill Gates And Ad

Settlement talk. What Bill Gates and advocates for each side have to say about the court’s decision to approve the Microsoft antitrust deal. [Salon.com]

Money Talks Microsoft Walks Bill Gat

Money talks, Microsoft walks. Bill Gates lets out a big “Whew!” as the court decides that what’s good for Microsoft is good for America. [Salon.com]
I’m sorta annoyed that Scott Rosenberg makes vague claims that by not messing with the source that the settlement/judgment doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. He ignores all the disclosure/middleware pieces of the settlement, and fails to explain how and what would be gained if something was done (to be fair, the states didn’t bother explaining this either which is why the judge dismissed it), or how it could be abused if it wasn’t done in the frame of the current judgment.

Rivals Come Up Short In Decis

Rivals come up short in decision. In explaining her decision, a federal judge says Microsoft competitors would have unfairly benefited from a harsh antitrust remedy. [CNET News.com]

Microsoft Alternative In Extremadura Spain Grylnsmn Writes

Microsoft Alternative in Extremadura, Spain. grylnsmn writes “The Washington Post today has a front page article talking about how the Extremadura region in Spain is converting all government offices, … [Slashdot]
Minor difficulties: “The Power of Open Source: Security bugs are fixed with in 1 hour, but it takes 3 months before printing starts to work.”

Sun To Continue To Go After Microsoft Raiford Writes Sun Mic

Sun To Continue To Go After Microsoft. Raiford writes “Sun Microsystem’s has vowed to continue their pursuit of seeking damages from Microsoft in spite of the current ruling. A Reuters feature … [Slashdot]
General feel from the top rated comments is that /. believes that a better product wins against bundling, and that sun’s resources would be better spent making thier stuff better instead of a lawsuit. A few comments actual begin to condemn sun for pushing this route.

Groove Web Services Web Services Used As A Way To Extend G

Groove Web Services: Web services used as a way to extend groove to the pocketPC. Full Infoworld Article [Jon’s Radio]

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Administration’s Position Shifts on Plans for Tribunals. Despite saying last year that it wanted to move quickly to establish military tribunals for terrorism defendants, the Bush administration is now in no hurry to conduct such proceedings. By Neil A. Lewis. [New York Times: Politics]

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U.S. May Abandon Support of U.N. Population Accord. The Bush administration has threatened to withdraw its support for a global family planning agreement because of a dispute over abortion. By James Dao. [New York Times: Politics]