Intel Server Sales To Outpace

Intel server sales to outpace rivals. In 2003, sales of servers built on Intel processors will for the first time exceed sales of more customized Unix systems built on RISC processors, analysts say. [CNET]

Sprint PCS To Lay Off 1660

Sprint PCS to lay off 1,660. The wireless carrier announces companywide changes that will thin management ranks by 1,660 and expand the availability of the company’s business-focused services. [CNET]

Dan Bricklin Reviews The TabletPC A Hrefhttpradioweblogscom0001

Dan Bricklin reviews the TabletPC. [The Scobleizer Weblog]
The review is his first experiences in getting the device and the basic idea that this isn’t a pen device, it’s a Tablet. Both Scobble and Dan Bricklin have stated that they won’t buy a laptop with out the tablet abilty.


Incredible Images Of The Sun Shelterit Writes A New Swedish

Incredible Images of the Sun. shelterit writes “A new swedish telescope facility in La Palma uses a new technology to remove the blurriness of the atmosphere to snap new and astonishingly … [Slashdot]