Windows Movie Maker 2 Beta

I haven’t seen anyone notice that Movie Maker 2 beta is available now. The internal spam claims that is a pretty good upgrade. I’ve yet to use it since I have next to no movie files to play with, but the ui looks promising.


Pretty quiet weekend, did some cleaning, did some shopping. Tonight I’m going to be trying out a restaraunt called Andaluca because of the 25 for 25 program.

New C Language Features Someday A Hrefhttpwwwgotdotne

New C# Language Features (someday). Chris Sells: “On November 7th, at the OOPSLA Conference in Seattle, WA, C# creator Anders Hejlsberg unveiled several potential language features for the next major release of Visual C# .NET. The four primary features Anders spoke about were:

-Generics, a form of C++ templates that makes reusing existing code easier
-Iterators, a construct that makes traversing collections of data significantly faster and easier
-Anonymous methods, an easier way to perform simple tasks using delegates
-Partial types, a means for programmers to split code across multiple files” [Sam Ruby]

Here is the powerpoint presentation with some examples.


A Hrefhttpwwwhandspringcomproductstreo270treo270tmobilesidekickjhtmlprodcatnameTreo270subnavsectionCompare Treo 270 vs. T-Mobile Sidekick []

Iraqis Attack UN Resolution Key Iraqi Parliamen

Iraqis attack UN resolution. Key Iraqi parliamentary officials urge Baghdad to reject the tough new United Nations resolution on weapons inspections. [BBC News | WORLD]

Microsoft Responds To Leaked Memo AbbeyRoad Writes CNN Has

Microsoft Responds to Leaked Memo. AbbeyRoad writes “CNN, has a story on Microsoft’s response the internal memo previous leaked: “Microsoft believes many of its efforts to market its products … [Slashdot]

Bush Coverage Misses The Lies A Hrefhttpwwwsiliconvalley

Bush Coverage Misses the Lies [Dan Gillmor’s eJournal]
This is the The Nation article he is refering to.

Is W3Cs P3P Good Privacy Nileshch Asks A Very Important D

Is W3C’s P3P Good Privacy?. nileshch asks: “A very important development in recent times with regards to website users’ privacy has happened with the W3C introducing the Platform for … [Slashdot]