Windows Movie Maker 2 Beta

I haven’t seen anyone notice that Movie Maker 2 beta is available now. The internal spam claims that is a pretty good upgrade. I’ve yet to use it since I have next to no movie files to play with, but the ui looks promising.


Pretty quiet weekend, did some cleaning, did some shopping. Tonight I’m going to be trying out a restaraunt called Andaluca because of the 25 for 25 program.

New C Language Features Someday A Hrefhttpwwwgotdotne

New C# Language Features (someday). Chris Sells: “On November 7th, at the OOPSLA Conference in Seattle, WA, C# creator Anders Hejlsberg unveiled several potential language features for the next major release of Visual C# .NET. The four primary features Anders spoke about were:

-Generics, a form of C++ templates that makes reusing existing code easier
-Iterators, a construct that makes traversing collections of data significantly faster and easier
-Anonymous methods, an easier way to perform simple tasks using delegates
-Partial types, a means for programmers to split code across multiple files” [Sam Ruby]

Here is the powerpoint presentation with some examples.

Iraqis Attack UN Resolution Key Iraqi Parliamen

Iraqis attack UN resolution. Key Iraqi parliamentary officials urge Baghdad to reject the tough new United Nations resolution on weapons inspections. [BBC News | WORLD]

Microsoft Responds To Leaked Memo AbbeyRoad Writes CNN Has

Microsoft Responds to Leaked Memo. AbbeyRoad writes “CNN, has a story on Microsoft’s response the internal memo previous leaked: “Microsoft believes many of its efforts to market its products … [Slashdot]

Is W3Cs P3P Good Privacy Nileshch Asks A Very Important D

Is W3C’s P3P Good Privacy?. nileshch asks: “A very important development in recent times with regards to website users’ privacy has happened with the W3C introducing the Platform for … [Slashdot]