Two Washington Post Articles I Found From Joe Conasons JournalA HrefhttpwwwwashingtonpostcomwpdynarticlesA3105

Two Washington Post articles I found from Joe Conason’s Journal:
CIA Led Way With Cash Handouts
CIA’s Cash Toppled Taliban

Xbox Live Goes Online Abhikhurana Writes Internetnews Is Rep

Xbox Live Goes Online. abhikhurana writes ” Internetnews is reporting that Microsoft has launched Xbox Live broadband gaming service. To access Microsoft’s service, Xbox gamers have … [Slashdot]

Notes To Self Microsoft Makes NoteTaking Or

Notes to Self: Microsoft Makes Note-Taking, Organizing a Snap.  Microsoft OneNote, a new application in the Microsoft Office family unveiled by Bill Gates at COMDEX Fall 2002, makes taking notes more flexible, turning yesterday’s scrap paper into powerful, searchable data. [Microsoft Press Pass]


Movielink Snubs DRMless Macs Mcwetboy Writes CNET Reports Th

Movielink Snubs DRM-less Macs. mcwetboy writes “CNET reports that the Macintosh is being shut out of online movie services like Movielink, and connects it to the Mac’s lack of digital-rights … [Slashdot]

Iraq Breaching UN Resolution The US Says Iraq

Iraq ‘breaching UN resolution’. The US says Iraq has broken a United Nations resolution by firing on allied warplanes¸ just hours after weapons inspectors arrive in Baghdad. [BBC News | WORLD]

iPulse Is A Modernartinspired System Monitor For OS X A Hrefhttpw

iPulse is a modern-art-inspired system monitor for OS X. [Hack the Planet]
Direct to the screenshot.

Paul Boutin Steve Jobs Understands The IPod146s Poten

Paul Boutin: “Steve Jobs understands the iPod’s potential for grand theft audio.” [Scripting News]
Wired Viewpoint is that sneakernet of burned cdrs and ipod type devices are a worse threat then napster.