Microsoft Picks Compliance Co

Microsoft picks compliance committee. The software giant says its board has picked three members to form a committee enforcing a court-ordered antitrust remedy. [CNET]

Of TCPA Palladium And Werner Von Braun And Whether Youll Be A

Of TCPA, Palladium and Werner von Braun. And whether you’ll be able to trust your computer, RSN… [The Register]

Microsoft Settlement Done De

Microsoft settlement: Done deal. Microsoft, the Justice Department and nine states file a revised settlement that could finally end the software giant’s antitrust case. [CNET]
In a setback this week for Netscape, U.S. District Judge J. Frederick Motz rejected a Netscape request for partial summary judgment against Microsoft.Motz concluded that while the government’s case proved Microsoft’s anticompetitive behavior hurt competition, it could not be concluded that competitors also were injured.


Internet2 Pumps Streaming Media A Live New World Sympho

Internet2 Pumps Streaming Media. A live New World Symphony performance streamed over Internet2 offers a peek — and a listen — at what’s to come when the public Internet gets fatter pipes. Andy Patrizio reports from Los Angeles. [Wired News]

When Good Interfaces Go Crufty An Anonymous Reader Writes A

When Good Interfaces Go Crufty. An anonymous reader writes “A good article over at mpt on why good interfaces go crufty.” A nice read before or after a visit to the Interface Hall of Shame. [Slashdot]
Examples of Interface Cruft:

  • Saving is outdated, we shouldn’t have to remeber to save what so ever. (mabye label versioning?)
  • Mac’s Quit cruft (IE has this right)
  • File Selection Dialog seperate from the file manager
  • Tracking file references by unique id instead of name/path
  • file path dependancies for program installations
  • Right Click dragging issues in windows

The Riddle Of Interface Uniformity Mark Baker Has Posted S

The riddle of interface uniformity. Mark Baker has posted some further thoughts on the related issues of addressability and interface uniformity. He writes: [Jon’s Radio]

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U.S., Pushing for Broader Ban, Blocks U.N. Anti-Cloning Move. The U.S., supported by 36 other nations, blocked an initiative on Thursday for a worldwide ban on cloning to create human beings, insisting that the ban should include all forms of human cloning. By Julia Preston. [New York Times: Politics]

embracing And Extending The Ecosystem At

embracing and extending the “ecosystem”. At a Tokyo conference on Intellectual Property Rights of Software and Open Source (hey, I didn’t pick the title), Msft… [Lessig Blog]