Due Diligence Ekr Writes The OpenSSL Remote Buffer Overflow

Due Diligence?. ekr writes “The OpenSSL remote buffer overflows discovered at the end of July got a lot of press here on /. But how many people actually fixed their machines? … [Slashdot]

Grounded A Federal Agency Confirms That It Maintai

Grounded. A federal agency confirms that it maintains an air-travel blacklist of 1,000 people. Peace activists and civil libertarians fear they’re on it. [Salon.com]

Microsoft SEC Filing Shows Hideous Losses Except For Windows Wh

Microsoft SEC filing shows hideous losses except for Windows. Where – surprise – it shows hideous profits [The Register]

No More Oil Aid For N Korea South Korea Presse

No more oil aid for N Korea. South Korea presses North Korea to scrap its nuclear weapons programme¸ as it backs a decision to stop fuel aid to its neighbour. [BBC News | WORLD]

China Hands Power To New Generation Hu Jinta

China hands power to ‘new generation’. Hu Jintao is the new Communist Party chief but Jiang Zemin retains far-reaching influence¸ in a sweeping leadership shake-up. [BBC News | WORLD]

PC Upgrade Cycle On Hold Rep

PC upgrade cycle on hold, report says. There will mostly be coal in PC makers’ stockings for the fourth quarter because consumers and businesses are squeezing more out of their old computers, according to Gartner. [CNET News.com]