Linux Server Shipments To Double Next Year As X86 Overtakes RI

Linux server shipments to double next year. As x86 overtakes RISC [The Register]

Due Diligence Ekr Writes The OpenSSL Remote Buffer Overflow

Due Diligence?. ekr writes “The OpenSSL remote buffer overflows discovered at the end of July got a lot of press here on /. But how many people actually fixed their machines? … [Slashdot]

Grounded A Federal Agency Confirms That It Maintai

Grounded. A federal agency confirms that it maintains an air-travel blacklist of 1,000 people. Peace activists and civil libertarians fear they’re on it. []

Microsoft SEC Filing Shows Hideous Losses Except For Windows Wh

Microsoft SEC filing shows hideous losses except for Windows. Where – surprise – it shows hideous profits [The Register]

No More Oil Aid For N Korea South Korea Presse

No more oil aid for N Korea. South Korea presses North Korea to scrap its nuclear weapons programme¸ as it backs a decision to stop fuel aid to its neighbour. [BBC News | WORLD]