Is TIs Turbo WiFi Losing

Is TI’s “turbo Wi-Fi” losing steam?. Texas Instruments’ turbo Wi-Fi technology makes for the speediest wireless networks around. But analysts think it may only have a short shelf life. [CNET]
802.1g is expected to replace it.

Delta Gets Itnbsp A Hrefhttpwebloginfoworldcom

Delta gets it.  [Jon’s Radio]
Jon describes deltas information displays that show things that people used to spend time asking a desk person for; how many seats are open where, what’s the estimated boarding time for a given seat set, who is where in line for standby seats, etc. The point he makes is that it’s about more transparency.


Anime Night

Last night was the semimonthly tuez anime night, where I saw the first few episodes of Kurogane Communications. Kurogane Communications takes place after an apocalypse that has apparently killed all humans, except for the way too cheerful main character. The author uses extreme contrasts to define the tone of the anime. Extremely perky music is overlaid on scene after scene of destruction. One of the robots looks like a terminator but wears a cute little circle gold earring. The contrast turned my stomach in some of the ways Series 7: The Contenders did (just not as consistently or as violently).

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Corporate Leaders Are More Pessimistic Than the Fed. Federal Reserve officials expect the economy to improve soon, but C.E.O.’s plan to cut jobs to respond to growth that they predict will remain meager. By David Leonhardt. [New York Times: Politics]

Understanding DIME And WSAttachments

Understanding DIME and WS-Attachments. Dig into the rationale behind attachments, explore the key ideas around packaging and message delineation, and learn how DIME and WS-Attachments arose from these ideas. [MSDN]

Trojan Found In Libpcap And Tcpdump Msolnik Writes Members O

Trojan Found in libpcap and tcpdump. msolnik writes “Members of The Houston Linux Users Group discovered that the newest sources of libpcap and tcpdump available from were contaminated … [Slashdot]