Secret US Court OKs Electro

Secret U.S. court OKs electronic spying. A secretive federal court grants police broad authority to monitor Internet usage, record keystrokes and employ other surveillance methods against terror and espionage suspects. [CNET]

Fiorina Echoes Gates Optimis

Fiorina echoes Gates’ optimism. In her Comdex keynote, the Hewlett-Packard CEO picks up where Bill Gates left off, saying that in spite of current woes, the tech industry still has plenty of forward momentum. [CNET]

For W3C Its A Question Of S

For W3C, it’s a question of semantics. The influential Web standards group upgrades its Semantic Web activity, a push to make the Web a little more intelligent. But don’t call it AI. [CNET]

MS Exec Rattles Sabre Suggests Linux Could Infringe Patents Wh

MS exec rattles sabre, suggests Linux could infringe patents. Whose patents he doesn’t say… [The Register]

MS Accused Of Banning Mod Chip Xbox From Live Service Have The

MS accused of banning mod chip Xbox from Live service. Have they got a little list? [The Register]

Cheap Is In At Comdex Th

Cheap is in at Comdex. The convention, once the pinnacle of corporate ostentation, has decidedly gone downscale. If IBM announced it were throwing a kegger in a parking lot, it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. [CNET]