Apple Gives Break To MultiMa

Apple gives break to multi-Mac homes. Have more than one Mac at home? Apple offers a licensing program for the newest version of OS X, also known as Jaguar. [CNET]

The Real Question here how the pricing for thier online service works. Is this like the free AOL cd?

Is Voice Chatting Via IM Illegal In India In A

Is Voice Chatting Via IM Illegal in India?
In an argument motivated by protecting their new-found Internet telephony revenues, ISPs claim that voice chatting on MSN’s and Yahoo’s instant messengers isn’t legal. [Wired]

Technology Review PushButton Innovation Michael Schrag

Technology Review: Push-Button Innovation. Michael Schrage. Innovation isn’t what companies do; it’s what customers adopt. In fact, the telecom sector remains a fabulous market for innovative uses of bandwidth. But innovation shouldn’t mean getting people to use more bandwidth; it should be about getting people to change their bandwidth behaviors. [Tomalak’s Realm]


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Fujitsu to Eliminate 2,100 Jobs. Fujitsu is cutting 2,100 jobs, or about 1.2 percent of its global work force, at four plants that make circuit boards and other components, the latest in a drove of job cuts at the Japanese electronics maker. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: Technology]

Internet News New Yorkbased ActiveBuddy Has Won A Cruc

Internet News: “New York-based ActiveBuddy has won a crucial patent covering instant messaging bot-making technology, but hobbyists and amateur developers aren’t buying the company’s claim that it invented the technology.” [Scripting News]

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The Democrats and the War. The subtext to the current debate over America’s foreign policy is history in particular, the Democratic Party’s history of international engagement. By Ted Widmer. [New York Times: Opinion]

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The Anger of Arab Youth. Washington needs to become a more convincing and consistent advocate of democracy in the Arab world. [New York Times: Opinion]

Ellison Seeks Opensource Uni

Ellison seeks open-source unity. Linux is making inroads against Microsoft, but to become a real threat, there must be a concerted effort to build an open-source alternative to Office, Oracle’s CEO says. [CNET]