Doesnt Do Windows Lindows Is An Operating System For

Doesn’t Do Windows
Lindows is an operating system for Microsoft haters and cheapskates. Its flaws make Windows seem like a genuine bargain. [Forbes/Yahoo!]

Windows Event Tracing (ETW)

Learned a tiny little bit about Event Tracing last night. The command “Logman Query Providers” gives the first glimnce of this feature. The details about how the feature works and what APIs are use it are available on MSDN.

Coming Up Next Ambushed On DonahueBR

Coming up next: Ambushed on “Donahue”!
More dangerous than Grand Theft Auto 3 — a defender of video games is given the trash talk-show treatment. Here’s what he really wanted to say. [salon]

Switchers Remorse An Episcop

Switcher’s remorse. An Episcopal priest goes from Windows to Mac but then has second thoughts. Is her computing soul at risk? []

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Bush’s Mideast Sand Trap. The Bush policy today is to punish its enemies with the threat of democracy and reward its friends with silence on democratization. By Thomas L. Friedman. [New York Times: Opinion]

Office XP Vs Bugs Round Two

Office XP vs. bugs, round two. Microsoft plans to release its second “comprehensive” collection of bug fixes, or service pack, on Wednesday. [CNET]