Microsofts Media Player Beat

Microsoft’s media player beat goes on. The software maker is setting itself up as a one-man band for subscriptions and services based on its Windows Media technology as part of a highly anticipated upgrade due next month. [CNET]

Windows Media Player will finally have crossfading. Yay! If they get a scalable media library, mabye I can stop hating myself for using it.


Microsoft Office Gets Analytical Microsoft Tues

Microsoft Office Gets Analytical
Microsoft Tuesday launched a .Net Web service in association with PricewaterhouseCoopers and The Nasdaq Stock Market that will enable investors and analysts to access financial data stored on the Internet and analyze that data using Microsoft Office. 8/6/2002 []

The spreadsheet seems pretty cool.

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Download Office XP Web Services Toolkit 2.0. Bring the power of XML Web services to Office XP with this new toolkit, which now supports SOAP 3.0 and complex data types. [MSDN]

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Microsoft Promises More Disclosures. Microsoft will disclose more technical information than it ever has before about its Windows operating system to comply with the proposed antitrust settlement it reached last fall. By Amy Harmon. [New York Times: Politics]

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Taboo Surfing: Click Here for Iran. For those who have access, the Internet is wildly liberating. By Nazila Fathi. [New York Times: Technology]

Milestones Approach For Meeting Settlemen

Milestones Approach for Meeting Settlement Terms.  Microsoft will soon reach several key milestones in its efforts to abide by terms of a proposed settlement reached late last year with the U.S. Justice Department and nine state attorneys general. [Microsoft Press Pass]

Feds Security Leaks Must End

Feds: Security leaks must end. Federal officials implore researchers and hackers who find security vulnerabilities to disclose the information more responsibly. [CNET]

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After Sept. 11, a Legal Battle Over Limits of Civil Liberty. A battle over the detention of more than 1,200 people is redefining the balance between individual liberties and national security. By The New York Times. [New York Times: Politics]