Lawmakers Lend An Ear To Tech

Lawmakers lend an ear to tech worries. Improving the economy and boosting security top the agenda at a gathering of Democrats and tech execs. Intel’s Andy Grove takes the stage, presenting a wish list to politicians. [CNET]

Flash Player Flaw Opens Windo

Flash Player flaw opens Windows for attack. Macromedia warns that its multimedia file player has a vulnerability that could allow attackers to run malicious code on Windows and Unix-based operating systems. [CNET]

Putting People First As With Earlier Microsoftnbspmantras ActiveXnbspWindows DNA NET Means Almost Everything An

Putting people first. As with earlier Microsoft mantras (ActiveX, Windows DNA), .NET means almost everything and therefore nothing in particular. The Redmond priesthood incants XML with the same mystical vagueness. No resounding amen has yet been heard from the hundreds of millions of souls who use Windows and Office, who were recently demoted from “knowledge workers” to “information workers,” and who were then reclassified as “first-class data objects.” Instead they ask, “What’s in it for me?” [read the full story][Jon’s Radio]


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Obstruction of Judges. Why has it become next to impossible for a president — Democrat or Republican — to get a nominee to a federal appeals court approved by the Senate? By Jeffrey Rosen. [New York Times: Politics]

Apple Switch Star Flies High Ellen Feiss The Young Star Of

Apple ‘Switch’ Star Flies High. Ellen Feiss, the young star of one of Apple’s new switch ads, is gaining a large following online. She’s the subject of fan sites, icons, desktops and Photoshop parodies. Can Mahir-like fame be far behind? By Leander Kahney. [Wired News]

Time For OpenSource To Grow UpThe OpenSSH Backdoor Demonstrate

Time for Open-Source to Grow Up
The OpenSSH backdoor demonstrates that the community must get pragmatic about package verification, and fast. [Security Focus]