Sun To Debut Blade ServersA

Sun to debut blade servers. The company later this month will introduce its first super-thin “blade” products and its first computers running the Linux operating system. [CNET]

Analyst Apple To Lie Down Wi

Analyst: Apple to lie down with Intel. Will the Mac maker pick up Intel’s chips? Signs point to yes, says Andrew Neff, the analyst who foresaw the HP-Compaq merger. He also predicts Sun will ally with Dell. [CNET]

Hiptop Handheld Still On Hold

Hiptop handheld still on hold. Those waiting to take possession of Danger’s combination of cell phone and Web-browsing device will have to wait just a little bit longer. [CNET]

Google and Bitpipe

This morning I went to the breakfast series talk about google and bitpipe. The google stuff I think I knew much of, but I had not known how far of a reach bitpipe has. For thoose who don’t know, this is about the buissness of placing links on different people’s sites. The sttrangest thing for me to get my mind wrapped around is how my web traffic was considered inventory to companies when it comes to selling links.


Saloncom Life Iran Lifts Veils In School Rules A Hre Life | Iran lifts veils in school rules []
… the Education Ministry is allowing girls to attend all-female schools in Tehran without headscarves — a move religious hard-liners criticized as “encouraging nudity.” …