Jon Udell Ive Been Meaning To Try ActiveWords So When I

Jon Udell: “I’ve been meaning to try ActiveWords, so when its inventor and evangelizer Buzz Bruggeman wrote to me about it recently, I took the plunge.”

Here’s my nirvana. Every app that manages one or more namespaces — and it’s hard to think of an app that doesn’t — would offer namespace completion as a service. Let’s make it a web service, while we’re at it, so it’s available locally or remotely in the same way. Now when I type ‘g’ and hit F8, ActiveWords (having associated ‘g’ with Google) can reach into the browser’s Google search history and enable me to complete directly on that namespace. Or when I type ‘e’ and hit F8, ActiveWords — having associated ‘e’ with Outlook — can reach into the Outlook contacts and enable me to complete directly on that namespace. Which, if you have allowed me the privilege, might in some cases be your address book not mine.[Scripting News]

This would be a awesome thing.


Enter The DragonChina Will Soon Be The Biggest PC Market

Enter the Dragon
China will soon be the biggest PC market in the world, and everyone wants a piece of it.
One problem: A homegrown powerhouse called Legend. [Wired]

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Microsoft Settles With Federal Regulators Over Privacy Charges. Microsoft Corp has agreed to settle charges by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that its Passport Internet identification service violates users’ privacy. By Reuters. [New York Times: Technology]

Microsoft FTC Reach Privacy

Microsoft, FTC reach privacy settlement. The software giant settles with the Federal Trade Commission over complaints that its Passport identification service violates people’s privacy and security. [CNET]

Net Name Ties Microsoft In K

.Net name ties Microsoft in knots. Microsoft’s ambitious .Net initiative faces a problem that has nothing to do with the technology itself: explaining it. [CNET]

A bit of proof that Microsoft doesn’t have great marketing.

Intel Bucks Options Trend

Intel bucks options trend. The chipmaker says it won’t treat stock option grants as an expense in its financial reports because there’s “no good” way to value them. [CNET]