The worse part of the GPL

I remember once reading about the mirror way of thinking. The basic idea of the miror is that many complaints or rationlizing from one party to another should be examined in the other direction. I’ve read many things that critize payfor software for borrowing things in the public domain without giving back, and then today I realized that the thing I dislike the most about the GPL is that so much of it is copying from the public domain (and payfor domain) without giving anything back. I once wrote a little app for beos. I released it with the GPL because I had used a header of id3 genre name to id mappings from a GPL’d piece of source code, had I not done that I would have released it into the public domain. So what if some company picked up my source and made a better product with it? Software would have improved, and my life as a user would have improved.


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Yahoo! News – Going Up? Private Group Begins Work on Space Elevator []

The Real ThingAnd As My Colleague Frank Rich Points Out

The Real Thing
And as my colleague Frank Rich points out, to offset the revenue losses from his tax cut, Mr. Bush would have to veto a $5 billion spending proposal every working day for the next year. Mr. Bush can no longer pretend, as he did during the 2000 campaign, that there is enough money for everything []

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RealNetworks Launches New Player. RealNetworks began offering a new digital media player on Tuesday that plays back music and video in all formats, including those of its main competitor, Microsoft Corp. By Reuters. [New York Times: Technology]

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Losing Our Best Allies in the War on Terror. The struggle for democracy and against terrorism demands that we listen with great care to the world’s democrats and act accordingly. By Jeffrey C. Goldfarb. [New York Times: Opinion]

Morning notes

This morning I grabbed coffee at snoqualmie ridge’s new coffee shop, Bibo Coffee. It’s sort of sad that they are priced the exact same as microsoft’s cafiteria coffee, so much for the coffee discount. I created an rss feed for Tom Toles’ political comic that often shows up in the Seattle Times. My old college roommate has a blog with rss that I’ve subscribed to. Last night I read through all the longhorn scenarios for networking.