Bush Says Nothing One Noteworthy Thing About President Georg

Bush Says Nothing
One noteworthy thing about President George W. Bush’s Economic Forum held in Texas yesterday: There was apparently so little worth noting about it that this morning nary a mention of the event was to be found on the main page of The Wall Street Journal’s website. [The Motley Fool]


Saloncom Politics Bush Is Shocked Shocked BR

Salon.com Politics | Bush is shocked — shocked!
Not far from WorldCom’s headquarters, Bush expresses concern at corporate misdeeds. Standing with him were the men that wrote the script for disaster [lnk.to]

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Bush, Campaigning in Midwest, Presses His Economic Message. President Bush today campaigned for Republican candidates and defended his stewardship of an economy that he said would remain strong. By David Stout. [New York Times: Politics]

Unix Pioneer An Opensource K

Unix pioneer an open-source killjoy?. Sun Chief Scientist Bill Joy says he’s got doubts about open source, even as Sun takes a stab at selling its first general-purpose Linux servers. [CNET News.com]

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European Union Urges Aspirants to Rebuff U.S. on World Court. The E.U. warning came after Washington began urging nations to sign agreements protecting Americans from the new International Criminal Court. By Elizabeth Becker. [New York Times: Politics]

DoS Risk From Oracle9i Debugging Bug Breakable A Hrefhttp

DoS risk from Oracle9i debugging bug. Breakable [The Register]

Some of the comments from the secuirty review postmortens gave yesterday where that automated anaysis tools tend to baddly with services since they tend to have thier own runtime environments (threads, allocators, etc) and that databases have in the past been the most externally protected resources on a network such that they are only now discovering life on the open internet.