John Carroll Has Written A Very Intrestingnbspcommentary On A Differe

John Carroll has written a very intresting commentary on a different stratagy Sun could have taken with Microsoft on Java. [Zdnet News]
The essence of the piece is that sun should have allowed the java extensions that Microsoft did. The result would be allowed sun to pull in the good stuff, and suck in the huge vb/windows developer base.


Microsofts Bluetooth Support

Microsoft’s Bluetooth support nearer. The giant is set to release a Windows XP update adding support for the hyped technology for wirelessly connecting peripherals. But analysts questioned aspects of the release. [CNET]

Lwindows pretends to be much cheaper then it is

Michael Robertson responds to Ballmer’s Cnet Interview about the price/value difference between Lwindows and a simular Windows XP box. Micheal tries to claim that Lindows is $427.28 and Windows comes out to $1067.10. However he gets really shaddy on his list of pricing. If you replace Office XP on the Windows XP box with StarOffice for Windows (comparing apples with apples) you replace $478.87 with $75.95. Now lets put a comparable html editor like the one in the netscape or mozilla which costs $0. What’s the new total? $504.21. So is Windows worth the $75 difference? I hope so.

Intel Adds Security To Networ

Intel adds security to network chips. The forthcoming processors are expected to reduce the cost and improve the performance of networking equipment. [CNET]

Gateway Snubs Office In

Gateway snubs Office. In another blow to Microsoft’s Office suite, the PC maker plans to include Corel’s WordPerfect 10 and Quattro Pro 10 on its 300s desktops. [CNET]

Arafats Security Adviser Quits A Senior Aide T

Arafat’s security adviser quits. A senior aide to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat offers his resignation before an expected announcement of a new cabinet line-up. [BBC News | WORLD]

Office Talk A Prim

Office Talk: A Primer to the Office XP Primary Interop Assemblies. Learn how to use the Office XP Primary Interop Assemblies to extend and automate Office XP features from Microsoft Visual Studio .NET code projects. [MSDN]

Microsoft Delays Smart Displa

Microsoft delays Smart Displays. Microsoft won’t deliver Windows CE for Smart Displays for the holidays, delaying until at least the first quarter of 2003, portable monitors that use the software. [CNET]

Saddam Aims For 100 Support Iraqi Voters Take

Saddam aims for 100% support. Iraqi voters take part in a referendum to endorse their leader for another seven years¸ with some people voting in blood. [BBC News | WORLD]

Market Says Microsoft Is Most

Market says Microsoft is most valuable. The software giant’s market capitalization reaches $265.1 billion, making it the world’s most valuable company, and the only tech company to make it into the top 10. [CNET]