Microsoft Buys Online Map Com

Microsoft buys online map competitor. The software giant will acquire Vicinity, a provider of online maps and directions, in a cash-for-stock transaction worth $96 million. [CNET]

Attack On Net Servers Fails

Attack on Net servers fails. The computers that serve as the address books for the Internet came under attack for about an hour in an apparently coordinated effort to cripple the Net. [CNET]

The Ring I Couldnt Sleep

“The Ring”. I couldn’t sleep! This clammy, creepy shocker brings the evil — and the surrealist influence — back to horror flicks. []

Microsoft Palladium Is Not Designed To Provid

Microsoft: “Palladium is not designed to provide defenses against hardware-based attacks that originate from someone in control of the local machine.” I guess that takes care of that. [Hack the Planet]

Ten Things To Do With IIS By Matt J Foley Iisdudehotmailcom A H

Ten Things to Do With IIS by Matt J. Foley ( [Security Focus]
Contains a number of intresting IIS5 add-ons such as URLSpellCheck, IIS ReWrite and gzip.