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The Struggles of Democracy and Empire. If America chooses in this dark season to go abroad in search of monsters to destroy, it had better destroy them and leave something lasting in their place. By Mark Danner. [New York Times: Opinion]

I Got A Few Returned Emails From The BugBear Worm I Guess Someone With Me In Thier Address Book Caught It A Few Of The Emails

I got a few returned emails from the BugBear worm. I guess someone with me in thier address book caught it. A few of the emails bounced because of attachment type. I’ve gotta wonder if the next gen of worms will automatically zip themselves.

Transmeta Chief Were Years Ahead Of Intel ZDNet Oct 8 2002 125

Transmeta chief: ‘We’re years ahead of Intel’. ZDNet Oct 8 2002 12:55PM ET… [Meerkat: An Open Wire Service]My comment: hey, there’s a reason NEC chose Transmeta for the PowerMate eco, which just won PC Magazine’s editor’s choice award.[The Scobleizer Weblog]

New Office Product To Simplif

New Office product to simplify forms. CEO Steve Ballmer on Wednesday is expected to announce XDocs, which is intended to make it easier for companies to generate and tabulate data using electronic forms. [CNET News.com]

Security As A Profit Center

Security as a Profit Center?. [Slashdot]
Slashdot is confusing Security Features from a secure design and implementation.  Security Features include things like smart card administration tools and infrastructure, certificate servers, web services that provide auth, etc. The article that is refered to also talks about the change of customers demands that happend with the Internet, and then more specifically with Code Red and Nimba.

Microsoft Networking Gear Dis

Microsoft networking gear disconnects. As the company begins its push into the market for home-networking hardware, its new products are having trouble keeping computers connected. [CNET News.com]

Iraq Rejects Bush Speech The Iraqi Foreign Ministe

Iraq rejects Bush speech. The Iraqi foreign minister dismisses the US president’s speech warning Baghdad to disarm as a “misleading attempt to justify an attack”. [BBC News | WORLD]