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Food for Thought. [Peter Drayton’s Radio Weblog]
Peter has listed out a whole lot of links to talks to watch.


Andrew Sullivan 2000 Again Is American Politics Repeatin

Andrew Sullivan: 2000 Again? Is American politics repeating itself?

One Patch To Rule Them All A Recent XP Security Hole Begs The Ques

One Patch to Rule Them All: A recent XP security hole begs the question, do we really want Microsoft to release individual fixes for every bug? [Security Focus]
Not being on the latest service pack is just a bad idea. Even worse is trusting a n unrelated third party to second guess the fix for you.

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Justices Clear the Way for Lautenberg to Replace Torricelli. The Supreme Court refused today to hear the case involving New Jersey’s Senate race, allowing the Democrats to replace their candidate. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: Politics]

AIDS TCell Mystery Solved Twice Two Separate And Possi

AIDS T-Cell Mystery Solved Twice. Two separate — and possibly conflicting — studies claim to solve the mystery of why some HIV patients don’t develop AIDS. Also: Bacteria and plants that ‘eat’ pollutants…. The perils of unemployment. By Kristen Philipkoski. [Wired News]

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Court to Review Copyright Law. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments over the constitutionality of a 1998 law that extended copyright protection by 20 years. By Amy Harmon. [New York Times: Politics]

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Crucial Issues Wait in Wings for the Justices. The Supreme Court that opens its new term today is likely to produce decisions on the war on terrorism, affirmative action and campaign finance. By Linda Greenhouse. [New York Times: Politics]