digitalMASS Microsoft Tablet PC Technology A S

digitalMASS: Microsoft Tablet PC technology a stroke of genius. It’s been several years since Microsoft decided that future portable computers would be slate-like tablets, controlled by a stylus rather than a keyboard. It’s taken this long for the company to get the software together and to work with computer makers on the necessary hardware. [Tomalak’s Realm]


Media Center PCs UnleashedA

Media Center PCs unleashed. Sunday newspaper ads reveal details of Media Center PCs that Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard plan to unveil Tuesday. [CNET]
Way to high end for the market?

SJ Mercury Tools Coming For Connecting Information Da

SJ Mercury: Tools coming for connecting information. Dan Gillmor. But we need more sophisticated methods for gathering, massaging and making connections among all the pieces of information that enter our lives each day — everything from e-mail to Web pages to phone numbers and more. So when I see useful tools, I pay attention. [Tomalak’s Realm]

Behind The Grief Whisp

Behind the grief, whispers about politics. The popular incumbent was fighting a tough reelection battle, and both parties wonder how his death will change the balance of power in the Democrat-controlled Senate. []

DivX DVD Players Arrive Division21 Writes Geeks Rejoice D

DivX DVD Players Arrive. division21 writes “Geeks rejoice — DivX Enabled DVD Players finally surface! (With all the goodies: MP3, SVCD, etc.) I remember when MP3 compatability … [Slashdot]

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition WallsRSolid Writes Microsoft Ju

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. WallsRSolid writes “Microsoft just finished a week-long series of lectures and demos at my university, and the product that really stole the show was the … [Slashdot]

Big Brother Lifetime Award Goes To Microsoft D4C5CE Writes M

Big Brother Lifetime Award Goes To Microsoft. D4C5CE writes “Microsoft’s ceaseless “success” in bringing instability, insecurity and breaches of privacy as well as a deplorable lack of open standards to … [Slashdot]
What’s intresting here is that microsoft didn’t win any actual awards, (probably becuase there isn’t any actual active bad behavior). They created the lifetime achievement for Microsoft for not using enough standards, older products being crash and virus prone and what they thought Microsoft might do in the future. What sorta crap is that? If you have a current complaint speak it. If there are future concerns call attention to it. However at some point let the past be a place to draw lessons from, not vile.

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France Is Set to Offer U.N. Its Own Resolution on Iraq. In a bold diplomatic challenge to the U.S., France announced on Saturday that it may formally introduce its own resolution on disarming Iraq. By Elaine Sciolino. [New York Times: Politics]

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When Just One Gun Is Enough. These days, it is increasingly difficult to figure out who is a terrorist or what that even means. By Jeffrey Gettleman. [New York Times: Politics]

Connecting People To XML A H

Connecting people to XML. [Jon’s Radio]
Jon wishes for an XML DHTML edit interface and a better XML editing/document story for outlook.