The security system pitch

Last night Pamela and I sat through a sales pitch for a security system for the house form Monotronic’s local reseller Spot Security. Having no background or experience in such things, I was expecting to get the information and then poke around a bit and learn more about the industry. Unfortunatly for them, this was a pressure sales technique where you either decide at that momemnt or don’t get the “deal”. I didn’t respond well to that, nor when she left out the 3 year commitment part while we were talking price (I insisted on doing some web searchs once I had a company name and found some poeple complaining about that).  One of the books that Tim let me borrow goes through all the sales techniques that she was using. It even went as far that she made the call to her boss in my kitchen to let him know that we weren’t intrested, so that she could come back to offer some more discounts. I offered to make a decision by tommorow after I could ask around, but that wasn’t good enough, so she evenutually left.

These folks might be the best secuity and value in the buissness, but if they feel the need to use this type of sales technique, I think I’d rather not do buissness with them.


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