The January Report

I’ve fallen off blogging for a while. Probably because of the first RI of the features I work on, but I can get a quick entry off with what’s been going on.

On Jan 11th I went to the Seattle Symphony and saw Vladimir Feltsman in recital. While I didn’t recognize the Beethoven Sonatas (8 and 31), I enjoyed his playing of the Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky. That weekend my mother in law came into town. Friday night we had dinner with the Goldmans and the next day my wife took her to Portland just in time for the ice storm. I stayed home to work on the RI, but caught with them and Julie for the National Acrobats of Taiwan. The acrobats put on a great show, with the most memorable piece being the high chair and hand standing.

Wednesday of that next week included a party at keshav’s house along with batlestar galatica.

Thursday night I went to a course on healthy Thai cooking at the pro club.

That weekend we spent with Mark, Alyssum, and three of their friends in a cabin at Mt. Baker. There we did some snowshoeing. A very fun weekend.

The next Tuesday I held my first Babylon 5 night. I showed to Keshav, Carrie, Mark and Alyssum the pilot movie and the first episode. I cooked up a Lemon Grass Tofu on salad dish that the guys ate.  The next night Raymond hosted a dinner at his place to watch more battlestar galatica.

That Saturday I went to a wine sampling at Henry’s place (my boss’s boss’s boss) with Mathias, Ben G. and Rajesh. That night Mathias and I let the buzz wear-off at Mark and Alyssum along with Stephanie. The next day Pam and I held a gift exchange. I gave a Nancy Pearl calendar and “Boggle” dictionary to Julie. Stephanie bought me cycling socks and a water bottle.

I held the next Babylon showing on Tuesday, Mark and Keshav came for it. The next night the Wininet team went to a dinner at Marakesh in Belltown.

This last weekend I went to Whistler with Pamela, Mark, Keshav, Chris, Mike and Ben. I ski’d for three days. During the car trip up, we created an ad-hoc wireless network that I shared my internet connection through my cell phone on. The ski-ing was quite fun, we were lucky that a foot of snow had just shown up the day before. The top of the mountains were beautiful and much fun.


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