Schneier's 5 Questions

While talking about fingerprinting students on Buses, Schneier gives us five questions to use to evaluate Secuirty Countermeasures:

  • What assets are you trying to protect?
  • What are the risks to these assets?
  • How well does the security solution mitigate those risks?
  • What other risks does the security solution cause?
  • What costs and trade-offs does the security solution impose?

Getting out of town for new years

Pam and I took a trip to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island for New Years. While a bit cold, we had a nice time; a good dinner, time in a Jacuzzi, breakfast served at our room (at the Tucker House), buying some artwork and seeing the island. We also found a book that is perfect for our trips: a directory of weekend trips detailing what to see when, where to eat and place to sleep.

On the 2nd, we had Misha, Rachael and Ben over for a salmon dinner. I used a bit of soy sauce and the mushroom topping, and cooked it on the wood board I have. For an appetizer,  I put out an English cheddar I found at Costco that I’m loving. It’s replacing the Swiss that Pam bought for custom pizza night as my favorite to snack on. Unfortunately Becky, who is now moved out here, wasn’t able to join us. We will have to have Ben and Becky over again soon. That evening we watched an episode of Carnivalle on Comcast’s HBO On-Demand. It was spooky weird and I might have to go buy it at Costco soon (It’s like $26 cheaper there then Amazon).

I’ve also finished watching the first season of Enterprise. It’s entertaining. 🙂

Yesterday, I went on the MUMPS ride the lake bike ride. I did two little extras, riding around mercer island (backwards from what I’m used to) and doing Juanita Hill. My heart rate spent a long time in 190’s and hit 205 on Juanita Hill. It was 45 miles at about 17/18 mph with a tad faster on Mercer. The temperature was in the high 30s. By the end I had nothing left in my legs. I’m going to have to work on it to get back into shape. After the ride I took a shower and enjoyed the Jacuzzi at the Pro Club, there I listened to two guys talk about Iron Man competitions, where the biking portion alone is 112 miles. Oh well.

Dinner last night was some beef cooked for 24 hours in a crook pot. It was very tender and just falling apart. Just perfect. Today is the first day physically back in the office. Let’s see if I can stay on track today. 🙂