Is Big Brother Our Only Hope Against Bin Laden Civil

Is Big Brother our only hope against bin Laden?. Civil libertarians are outraged about Total Information Awareness, the government’s Orwellian plan to monitor everyone, all the time. But some computer scientists say it might be the only way to save civilization. []

Thanksgiving Update

I spent last week in Kansas City where I got a chance to watch a few movies, eat home cooked meals and meet a lots of relative and friend’s of Pam’s familly. All and all, it was a nice break from working. I did manage to watch Kevin Devlin’s book tour talk on The Millennium Problems (seven math problems for the next 100 years, with $1 million prize for each)


Windows Costs Less Than Linux A Bit Sometimes MS Study But

Windows costs less than Linux. A bit. Sometimes – MS study. But you don’t want to use it as a web server. Oops… [The Register]