Bush Shakes Up Economic Team ONeill And Lind

Bush shakes up economic team. O’Neill and Lindsey are out. But critics of White House policy might not like what comes next. [Salon.com]

BetaNews AOL Has Disbanded The Magic Carpet Product Team And

BetaNews: “AOL has disbanded the Magic Carpet product team and refocused limited resources on its core subscription and advertising businesses. This leaves the Internet giant with no viable alternative to Microsoft’s Passport authentication service in implementation, which currently boasts 200 million accounts.” [Scripting News]


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New Economic Policy. There are nine things President Bush should do to combat the current beat of the doldrums. By William Safire. [New York Times: Politics]

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The Liberal Quandary Over Iraq. Why is the Vietnam generation not marching against Iraq? The answer has something to do with Bosnia. By George Packer. [New York Times: Politics]

Trustworthy Computing Does Moon Walk But Not Yet One Small S

Trustworthy Computing does Moon Walk (but not yet). One small step for man, one giant leap for Windows XP [The Register]
The thing about “Trustworthy Computing” is that it’s not about just Microsoft fining buffer overflows, it’s about making computing itself more secure. I suspect that it’ll be less about inventing new protocols, as getting world wide deployment on some of the stuff we already have.