What To Read In December From A Delicious

What to read in December. From a delicious satire of literary ambition to a futuristic mystery by a Nobel laureate, we pick the month’s best new books. [Salon.com]

Saving Your Bits For Posterity Microsoft Engineer And T

Saving Your Bits for Posterity. Microsoft engineer and tech veteran Gordon Bell believes you should sweat the small stuff. His goal is to make it possible to record the minutiae of our lives on a series of computer disks. By Julia Scheeres. [Wired News]

KidSafe Domain Created Jadecristal Writes The Washington Po

Kid-Safe Domain Created. Jadecristal writes “The Washington Post announces that President Bush has signed legislation to create a .kids.us domain. The legislation mandates that those … [Slashdot]

US Economy Chiefs Resign Treasury Secretary Paul ONeill

US economy chiefs resign. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill and White House aide Larry Lindsey quit, in a major shake-up of the Bush economic team. [BBC News | World | UK Edition]

Gaza Killings Prompt Palestinian Rage Palestini

Gaza killings prompt Palestinian rage. Palestinians bury 10 people killed in an overnight Israeli raid in the Gaza Strip amid controversy about whether most were civilians. [BBC News | World | UK Edition]