Xen released as Cw aka Comega

Don Box points out that you can now download the Comega compiler that contains Xen (X#) and Concurrency extensions. Xen is what happens when you take databases and xml and make it fundimental to a OOP language.

The problem facing the programming language designer is not only identifying the “heavily used APIs” and “common programming patterns” mentioned earlier but also tastefully realizing them as first-class language features or constructs. Bolting on random features leads to language bloat, potentially destroying any coherence the language may have had. In addition one hopes that by promoting a feature from an API it will be better supported given its existence in the language.

In our opinion three areas that are ripe for liberation from their lowly API status are (a) data-access, (b) concurrency and (c) security. [Programming with Circles, Triangles and Rectangles]


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