Intresting Things Today Nytimes Reports That Charte

Intresting things today:
Nytimes reports that Charter Schools are lagging badly in test scores. Slate has a nice peices on why the internet hasn’t revolutionized real estate yet (think NAR) and how college non-discrimination rules don’t align with military recruiting.

On the geek front, we have a nice little blog geek ditty sung to the Milshake song.


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 New York Times OP-ED by JONATHAN RAUCH discusses the way that marriage is always the elephant in room of romantic relationships. It’s the first piece to the puzzle of understanding conservative’s problem with the idea of gay marriage.

Social-science research has established beyond reasonable doubt that marriage, on average, makes people healthier, happier and financially better off. More than that, however, the prospect of marriage shapes our lives from the first crush, the first date, the first kiss. Even for people who do not eventually choose to marry, the prospect of marriage provides a destination for love and the expectation of a stable home in a welcoming community.

One of the things that I believed about marriage in my own relationship was that it was simply a formal acknowledgement of where my relationship already was. My concept of and commitment to marriage was reached well before any ceremony. Between this and the way my peers structure their relationships the legal and religious aspects of marriage are no longer primary (if they ever have been in my lifetime).

The McGreevey debacle suggests why all Americans, gay and straight alike, have a stake in universalizing marriage. The greatest promise of same-sex marriage is not the tangible improvement it may bring to today’s committed gay couples, but its potential to reinforce the message that marriage is the gold standard for human relationships: that adults and children and gays and straights and society and souls all flourish best when love, sex and marriage go together.

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Safety SecondThe New York Times has an Op-Chart that shows what a differently focused administration could have done with the money we spent on Iraq.

Kerry And IraqSlate Does A Good Job Of Walking Through Kerrys

Kerry and IraqSlate does a good job of walking through Kerry’s Iraq statements (as suggested by an RNC attack ad) to find his stable position.

Spoofing Flaws for Firefox, Mozilla and Opera

Netcraft has a article about some of the security issues that are showing up in non-IE browsers.

Internet Explorer isn’t the only browser vulnerable to spoofing, as evidenced by the discovery of security holes in Firefox, Mozilla and Opera.

They also talk about the dangerous trend for IE.

Thus far, services tracking browser usage report only incremental gains for Firefox, Mozilla and Opera, with some suggesting IE has lost about 1 percent of its 90 percent-plus market share. But Firefox in particular seems to be catching on in some quarters, as was evidenced at the recent BlogOn2004 conference for weblog aficionados. During a Microsoft presentation about its Channel 9 blog outreach, a presenter asked “Show of hands…How many of you use Internet Explorer?” Not a single hand went up.