Morning News – 7/1/2004

NYTimes stories and editorials I’m reading this morning:

And some NPR Morning Edition stories:

  • After Several Lean Years, States See Revenue Surpluses
    Last year, many U.S. states found themselves in serious financial straits. This year, tax revenues are up, and more than half the states have a budget surplus. But their budgetary woes are far from over. NPR’s Wendy Kaufman reports.
  • Cassini Becomes First Craft to Enter Saturn’s Orbit
    After a six-and-a-half-year journey, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft becomes the first to enter Saturn’s orbit. The bus-sized spacecraft will spend the next several years exploring the planet, its rings and its moons. NPR’s Richard Harris reports.
  • Ear Surgeries Seek to Heal Painful Saddam Legacy
    Among the legacies of Saddam Hussein’s reign are the thousands of Iraqis with missing or mutilated ears. Slicing off an ear was standard punishment for army deserters. Now the new Iraqi government is footing the bill for ear replacement surgery. NPR’s Emily Harris reports.