Busy Weekend

I had a pretty busy weekend this weekend. Friday night contained watching the movie Garden State written by, directed by and stars Zach Braff. Natalie Portman is very cute in the film. This is the first movie in a while that I was sold by the trailer instead of the premise. Saturday was strawberry picking on a farm in Mount Vernon at .89 cents a pound. There is something different about going through the bushes and seeing what it looks like off the plant compared to just picking up a big container of them at Costco. The other fun thing about picking them yourself is the right to taste as you go :). That evening was the first showing of Ghost of the Shell Innocence in the US with the Seattle International Film Festival after recently being screened at Cannes.
Sunday was the Cascade Training Series with the Cascade Cycle Club; 85 miles round trip from Sand Point in Seattle (sort of near the university district) to Sultan on Hwy 2 by way of Snohomish on the outward route. One segment coming down in to Snohomish’s valley off of Broadway on a road called Springhetti up to Airport way, I led a group of people and maintained a 25 MPH pace. It was on the return route of crossing the valley, that Monroe sits in, that the distance and the headwind started to catch up to me shaving a mile per hour or two off my 17/18 MPH pace. By the time I got back to Burke Gillman trail, my legs were not happy. I had little fear about violating the 15 MPH speed limit on that route. The two last miles my speed was down to 13 mph, but I managed to finish up, put away my bike, rest and start to drive off before the rest of the blue group rode in. I was dead weight for the rest of the day and pretty out of it all Monday. All in all, riding from Snohomish to Monroe and the leg coming back from sultan south of hwy 2 was some really nice riding and I’m looking forward to killing myself again this next weekend.


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