Random Ideas/Concepts

  • AIG’s latest problems has triggered some discussion of the economic D word.
  • The savings rate in January has gone up quite a bit (6%?)
  • More then 50% of hospitals are operating at a loss with the increase of people without insurance as they lose their jobs and the hospitals “safe” investment take losses.
  • Dow hits 6700
  • Take aways from Gene Robinson talk on Speaker’s Forum
    • argues the translation of passages regarding homosexuality is lacking understand of the cultures in which the bible was written.
    • Example, spilling seed in the light of the belief that all genetics are in men and women are only wombs.
    • There has been reinterpretation of many of the other passages regarding regarding sexuality, slavery and marriage
    • What’s an –ism? it’s set of prejudices, values and judgments backed by the power to enforce those prejudices in society. Which leads to a structure in society where one group to benefit at the expense of another group. Someone in the first group doesn’t have to believe or act on the prejudices or values to still benefit from that structure in society.
    • At this point the main problem in US Society is Hetrosexism and the strong negative religious interpretation of homosexuality.

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