Snowshoeing around Snoqualmie Pass

I rented some snowshoes on Saturday and went with Lassy, Mr Rick, Lampy, Homer and Lassy’s Niece on a Snowshoeing trip. It was pure fun after we got off the road, between the constant twists and turns, the work of finding where the path went and the beauty of the waves of snow we saw towards the end. I really wish I had brought a camera. The snow was pretty hard and was more like a ice cone then snow.

Afterwards I found that I was starving and probably ate too much for dinner that night as a result. I need to bring more food with me next time.

Sunday was a nice visit from Debra and Jacob. Jacob is into wanting his own way in walking and staying at the playground after it is time to go. One of the more intresting conversations was about giving kids Jacob and Simeon’s age limited choices and another about a young child quizzing Debra about Divorce. “What rules did he break?”. 


TV Last Night

Last night Pam and I were pretty tired, so we HAVE NOT watched the latest Battlestar Galatica episode yet. We did watch the Dresden Files new episode, The Boone Identity, and caught some of the Teasers for this week’s episode, it looks like it plays games with the Baltar as a Cylon angle (which is great) and the Starbuck/Apollo marriage issues (which is pure pain).

The Dresen Files is looking like it’s going to be a fun little series that I can watch and relax to. It has some backstory but it doesn’t look like the deep intertwined emotional mess Battlestar inflicts every week.