Live (on Video) Blogging the Vista Launch

  • Bill Gates takes stage
    • Reminds us of the GUI bet 12 years ago in Windows 95
    • Everything is focused on how to represent in a Digital format
    • What’s the new innovations?
      • Making it easier: search, flip3d, etc
      • Safer: anti-spyware, anti-phising, etc
      • Entertainment: DX10, Photo Gallery, DVD Maker, HiDef support
      • Better Connect: Diagnosing, RSS platform support, XML file formats
    • Platform Renovation
    • Installing
      • Upgrade Advisor
      • new system
  • Mike, corperate vice president demo
    • thanks familys and beta testers
    • Familly focused demo
    • Photos
      • Tagging in Photo gallery via drag and drop
      • Search via the tagging
      • One beta tester with 40K photos in the library
      • Basic adjustments
    • DVD Burning
      • Videos and pictures into a nice preview
    • Document editing
      • Live Previews of the entire format of the document changing
      • Add a photo and drag it to the size you want in the document, no guessing percents
      • Ribbon UI
      • Extra effects on photos in the document, shadows and the like
    • Games
      • Game Explorer
      • DX10
      • Using the Xbox360 controller
      • Cross-platform playing, EX: uno
    • Parental Controls
      • Time-Limits
      • Game ratings
      • IM sessions, Games played, Web sites went to/attempted to go to
    • Xbox360 media center extender
      • Cable Card support -> HiDef TV Recording
      • Media Center interface
      • Music explorer
      • picture explorer
    • Extras
      • DreamScene – Motion Video on the Desktop
  • WoW campaign Commercial
    • nice music… look up later
  • Steve Ballmer
    • Biggest Launch in software history and the broadest
    • Today/Tommorow fun across the globe
    • 19 Languages today, 99 by EOY
    • 39,000 retail outlets
    • thousands of OEMs
    • 1 million people in europe by EOY
    • 2 million in US
    • 2,500 certified software products
    • NY Times reader application
    • 5 Mil beta testers
    • Partners Video
    • Dell CEO Kevin ??
    • Intel Sean Melony(sp?)
    • Toshiba CEO and president of computer devision ??
    • AMD Chairman and CEO Hector Ruitz
    • HP ??
    • editorial comment: How much money is on that stage right now?
  •  Bill Gates
    • Thanks to the employees
    • Jim Allchin thank you from Bill
    • 5 Million People Downloaded Vista and Office 2007
    • Highest quality ever
    • Test Automation
    • Performance Testing
    • Watched 1 billion office beta sessions
    • What Famillies said about the product
      • 50 famillies in 7 countries
      • > contact
      • 800 changes
      • Lots of DVD burning feedback out of this program
      • “Microsoft listened to me”
    • One of the Famillies on the stage
    • Burn to Disc button in photo gallery was one of thier feedbacks
    • Got the first copy in the US.
    • Kids push the button, and Screens in Times Square Start going
  • Video of Launch events across the world.
  • Live Band starts playing
  • Caffiteria Ballons drops
  • Event is over at Microsoft

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