New Ghost in the Shell

I was poking around on soapbox and noticed that Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society is coming out. This is a movie based on the GITS SAC line of stories.

Video: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society

Raymond's Halloween Costume

In previous years, I’m told that Raymond went for Halloween as an Interoffice Envelope and a Nobel Prize, and we were thinking at dinner last Saturday, what would be a good costume for him this year? On the paper theme we reached a set of ideas around hazard warning signs.  The favorites (of mine) were the Danger: Contents under High Pressure and the the standard diamond. The problem is that it wasn’t quite enough to be worthy of a Raymond costume. The Nobel Award was good because of the time he took to forge all the signatures. My last idea which I think would also be good is to be a signature gatherer. You could have a bunch of proposals for every possible sillyness, and try to convince people to sign them. Alas I don’t think he was too interested in that one either.


Night at the Symphony

So last night I went to the Seattle Symphony: Rachmaninoff, Piano Concerto No. 3. We were all somewhat concerned about the World Premiere piece, Black Swan, but it turned out quite nice. The second piece required what appear to be super human dexterity on the piano, but often then more complicated playing didn’t seem to be the best parts of the piece for me, it was however impressive to watch. I found that the late hour and the Beethoven conspired to try to put me to sleep. I definitely closed my eyes but I don’t think I actually feel asleep. The violist who shared a music sheet with first violist of the right group had a direct line of site to my seat and appeared to be staring at me the entire time. Of course he was just following his music, but it was motivating for trying to stay awake. There was another violin player who had an amazingly long beard which appears to not be very common. Another Asian violin player appeared to be seizuring, but I guess he was just really into it.

We had dinner before the concert and desert afterwards at  Earth and Ocean. I had the Hanger Steak with some blue cheese, but probably would have done juts fine with a salad. My steak came with four types of imported salts. It was very tasty. I also had some seven hills wine shared with Mark and Hillary. This was the first time I can remember doing Earth and Ocean for a main meal that wasn’t 25 for 25. For desert I had trouble choosing between an apple dish, the petit fours and the sherbets. In the end I went for the sherbets but they were not as wild as they used to be; chocolate and peanut butter, mixed berry and a third I can’t remember.

Unfortunately since I was at the Symphony I missed Ben’s Birthday party which is where Pam and Simeon spent the evening. Earlier in the day I had brunch with Mike at the Brown Bag Cafe. All and all, way too much food during on Saturday.