Recent Podcasts

Some IT Conversations I’ve recently listened to:

  • Kevin Slavin – Big Games
    • Using small devices and back-end server, they set up games that span real world cities. Clues to what PuzzleSafari could morph into?
  • Steven Berlin Johnson – Serious Games
    • The author of “Everything Bad is Good for You” focuses into video games, and talks a bit about Lost.
  • Bjorn Mellin – Genetically Modified Crops
    • Argentina is #2 in the world in GM crops. It is VERY popular down there.
  • Tim O’Reilly – The O’Reilly Radar
    • Trends and Themes that O’Reilly is looking at. I kept thinking while listing to it that the GPL has morphed into a way to punish software distributors while favoring Web services and properties. Since the source distribution responsibility doesn’t touch them. It becomes very obvious why the proposed new GPL is so focused on such services.

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